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Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Rostra Powertrain is proud to provide parts for vehicles in more than 16,000 U.S. cities and towns including New York City, Los Angelas, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Houston. These parts are utilized in garbage and snow plow equipped trucks accounting for more than 500,000 trucks throughout the U.S..

The trucking industry is another area where Rostra is a recognized competitor in the market. The U.S. accounts for more than 15 million semi trucks utilized for freight shipping, parcel services, food delivery, and more. With the trucking industry logging more than 500 billion miles, corporate and independent owners rely on quality parts to keep their businesses on the road. Rostra recognizes this need and is proud to supply parts used in many semi trucks today. Our parts are utilized in trucks for Amazon, Wal-Mart, UPS, FedEx, Ingles, and countless others!